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I am going to let GP loose again on the picks as he is making me $$$$

A couple of interesting questions coming up over the last day or so.

  1. Is the Warriors dominance hurting the league’s ratings? This was bought up on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption. Kind of makes sense in a vacuum that the ratings are being hurt. Most teams are losing to the top 4 teams in the league and if last year was an ‘anyone can win the title’ feeling this year it is an ‘only a couple of teams are in it’ type of vibe. But we are not in a vacuum and everyone around the world, especially kid’s, love this Warriors team going against LeBron. The playoffs will revive it. Yes the regular season is dragging a bit and maybe the trade deadline might fire us up a bit but the Playoffs will be great.
  2. Should the Clippers trade Blake, should the Cavs get rid of Love? I am not sure if ‘should’ is the right word but I love trades. Here are my three.

Trade - LAC-CLE

Trade them for each other! Here Cleveland, take our $9mil headcase that doesn’t play and give us a defender to offset Crawford. Deal done.

Trade - KYK-CLE

Pair the King with his old mate Melo. Play the Cavs bigs at Centre and have LBJ and Melo as the 3/4 position all game. Tell the Knicks they can have Love and a first round pick but they gotta take the headcase back. Do it. Tell Phil he can have Love AND the Zinger for the next 5 years.

Trade - LAC-SAC

Here we go. Here you go Kings, have a shooter and a non-headcase scorer that can pair with Cauley-Stein, Rondo and Rudy. Righto LA, you can have Boogie. CP3 and Doc will beat the right way to play into him if anyone can. Give him a chance!

Righto, onto the games and we have the Spurs v Cavs right along side New Zealand v Pakistan and the cricket. Sorry family, but a picnic and the wood for winter getting cut will have to wait!

GP’s best bets:

3-3 on the best bets yesterday meaning we are sitting at 80.8% on our picks.

Back to backs for the Pistons, Cavs and Nets today with the Rockets on their 5th in 7 nights.

Philadelphia vs Golden State

The Spread is set at -19 for the Warriors in this one which is high but there is good reason for it. The Warriors are averaging beating opponents by 25.4 points across their last 5 games. None of those 5 opponents were as bad as the 76ers.
Pick: Warriors -19

Toronto vs Detroit

The Raptors are 10 – 0 across their last 10 games with a points differential of 12.5. The Pistons have gone just 4 – 6 across that same period.
Pick: Raptors -6.5

Memphis vs Sacramento

The Kings have lost 3 straight and are 8 – 14 on the road. The Grizzlies are playing well lately (4-1 in their last 5 and 8 – 2 in their last 10).
Pick: Grizzlies -3.5

NBA Stats - 31Jan16 Bets