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With the Cavs playing the Warriors today are we seeing a finals matchup? With Noah’s injury and the fact they are 9 – 1 in the last 10, you would have to say that the Cavs are out and out favourites to win the East. The Warriors will have OKC and the Spurs to get through which could prove difficult. Today GP has picked the Cavs.

Quickly off topic, but speaking of Cleveland (and I promise the NFL chat will stop after the SB)….. My father in law wants to start watching NFL. He loves an underdog. So I gave him a list of teams that have had long stretches being tortured. Buffalo, Minnesota, Tennessee and Cleveland. He took the Browns because of Johnny ‘Football’ and as his name is John he can get a JF t-shirt. So with that, we take the Cavaliers and you can too (CAREFUL!):


GPs Best Bets

Missed a few bets today due to the Nuggets strong finish and the Mavericks seemingly silently protesting against their heavy schedule and giving up real early in their game. I thought my Mavericks +16.5 would be safe enough.

The Mavericks are playing the Celtics today. Both teams are playing their 5th game in 7 nights, the only difference is that the Mavs are backing up from yesterday whereas the Celts have had a days rest. The Rockets are also on their 5th game in 7 nights.

Detroit vs Chicago

The Pistons are on a high after beating the Warriors last time out, they are also 14 – 6 at home this year. The Bulls are struggling of late, they are just 1 – 4 in their last 5 with a differential -7.2. That points start of -2.0 for the Pistons seems low to me.
Pick: Pistons -2.0

Cleveland vs Golden State

As mentioned in the last Warriors write, when we took the Pistons to beat the spread, the warriors are in a bit of a lull right now (by their standards). The Cavs have been super hot, they are 9 – 1 in their last 10 with a differential of +11.2. Their one loss was against the Spurs and considering they are 0 – 2 against the West elite, they will be looking for something to prove today.
Pick: Cleveland to win (currently at $1.64 despite the even opening spread)
Dallas vs Boston

With the Mavs putting up such below par performances during this long stretch, yeah sure they beat the Bulls but the Bulls that was after resting their entire starting 5 and playing a below par Bulls team (as mentioned above). The Celtics are tough team defensively and that is not a good type of team to come up against for an old team at the end of a busy schedule.
Pick: Boston -1.5

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