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I am doing a deep dive on the Mavs at the moment for next weeks podcast. I am however, going to have to go back to the Minnesota game to answer the questions GP put to me about Deron Williams. The Mavs made the call to rest 4 starters against OKC, sparking an office debate about limits on resting and if this should be allowed at all (Remember Spurs/Heat….).

Anyway, GP adds:

Upsets a plenty yesterday meant that not only did the spreadsheet pick the wrong winners in a lot of cases but so did the betting agencies.

The schedule for tomorrow sees 2 back to backs but as the Kings and Jazz are playing each other, they are cancelled out. The Warrior are on their 5th in 7 nights and a backing up from a tough loss to the Nuggets and a flight home to San Francisco.

NBA Stats - 15Jan16 Bets

Just Sayin

Can I remind everyone that I bet on the Arizona Cardinals at 31 – 1 and the Patriots at 7 – 1 in April last year and they are out and out favourites……. (it will probably be Seahawks v Chiefs now!!!)