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GP seems demoralised with the Thunder’s defense. I have not seen the game because I was reveling in the Cavs v Mavs. Interesting that GP has the Mavs as a best bet +8. They have a very tough stretch with Cavs, OKC, Chicago and San Antonio all in a row. They did play the Cavs tough and Dirk is looking excellent but it also went to Overtime. Big call!

GP’s Best Bets

So frustrating to watch the Thunder play basketball down the stretch in a close game. The Defense is horrible and its was not Kanter I noticed. Westbrook gambled on steals and didn’t hustle back. KD missed rotations and was lazy on help and close outs, they played like they expected they would win and let the Timberwolves stay in the game. The worst part about it is that as bad as their defense was, their offense was worse. They barely got anything going to the basket, settle for contested outside jumpers (KD was good enough to hit enough). Bottom line is it was easy for the Timberwolves to score and hard for the Thunder, this is a continuation of a worrying curve.

Load of back to backs today with the Bucks, Wizards, Pacers, Celtics, Timberwolves, Rockets, Thunder and Pelicans all backing up from yesterday.

The Best bets look good right up until the Thunder stumbled through the 4th quarter and left us 2-1 on the day.

Lets see what we can do today.

Charlotte vs Atlanta
The Hornets have been horrible of late, the have lost 8 of their last 10 and all of their last 5 (with a differential of -11). The Hawks are quietly doing what they do and that is being better than the Hornets. The line at -1.5 looks low to me.
Pick: Hawks -1.5

Brooklyn vs New York
The Nets have been the worst team in the league over the last 5 games (0 – 5 with a differential of -14.6). The Knicks have only lost 1 game in their last 5 and that was to the Spurs. The Nets are not the Spurs, not even on the Spurs worst day.
Pick: Knicks -4.5

Oklahoma City vs Dallas
I was looking at the Pacers being underdogs with the 3rd pick here but I’m going with this one. Its got more of a historical reason than most of my picks. Rick Carlisle is a great coach and will have the Mavericks watching tape of how the Thunder are struggling down the stretch. The Thunder’s home points differential is bang on the odds the agencies are opening with (8.1). I think the Mavs are better than that.
Pick: Mavericks +8.0

NBA Stats - 14Jan16 Bets


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