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After a big week on the home front I am looking forward some ball again. GP has allocated me the Mavs this week, so I finally get to bank a Cavs game at the same time.

Over to you GP for the best bets.

GPs Best Bets

The Spurs and Bulls are both backing up from yesterday but no one else has any issues schedule wise.

As far as the best bets go, we need to come back from consecutive 1 – 2 days. We were only 1 basket off picking the Warriors winning margin (margin 8 – we picked 10-13).

Indiana vs Phoenix

I have mentioned it before that the Suns are horrible right now. The are 1 – 9 over their last 10 with a differential of -11.9. The Pacers are 12 – 5 at home and with a team that should match up well with the perimeter based offense.
Pick: Indiana -10.

Detroit vs San Antonio

The Spurs have been scoring huge lately and the Pistons are averaging well over 100 points both at home for the season and in all recent games. The agencies must be looking at the defensive side of things as they have set the total combined points at 194
Pick: Over 194

Minnesota vs Oklahoma City

The Timberwolves are only 5 – 16 at home this year and they are 1 – 9 over their last 10 games with a points differential of -11.9. The Thunder are avaerging 113.1 points over their last 10.
Pick: Oklahoma City -10

NBA Stats - 13Jan16 Bets

For me I am looking to see if the Cavs have it and how Deron Williams goes against a Kyrie coming back from injury.

I did see that punters are saying the Cavs may be one piece short, don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts!