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Only 3 games on the schedule today with no teams backing up unsurprisingly. Let’s see if we can do better with our best bets today than yesterday where the Cavs off night and the Rockets late comeback to beat the Pacers in overtime made us go just 1 – 3. Its a little harder with only 3 games to choose from but they have to go one way or the other right? so here goes

Spurs vs Nets

How many Spurs will be out with rest tonight?
I’m Going Spurs -12.5 in the last 5 games the Nets are 1 – 4 with a differential of -8.6. The Spurs are 5 – 0 with a differential +20.4. The Spurs should be up by at least that much by half time.

Wizards vs Bulls

The Wizards have struggled all year while the Bulls are 16 and 5 at home. No Bradley Beal still for the Wizards means that John Wall will probably have Jimmy Butler on him all night. I thinking the Wizards struggle to score and the Bulls have a nice lead all game with no need to force the action in the 4th. The pick in this one is Under 207.5

Heat vs Warriors

This one is a little tough. The Warriors haven’t been beating teams up as much as they were at the end of 2015 (still their last 10 games record is 9 – 1 with a differential of +9.0). The Heat allow the 2nd fewest points in the league at 94.8ppg. Its hard to blow out teams when the score is likely to be lower than your normally score. The Spread of -11.5 seems bang on to me. I’m going to with a long shot on this one and go Warriors Winning Margin 10-14 points *not available at all betting agencies but you should be able to get something similar.

As always these are just the opening lines, so expect the may be changes depending on which agency you are using.

NBA Stats - 12Jan16 Bets

RIP David Bowie

The world lost a legend last night. Going to have to watch the Labyrinth today…..

He doesn’t know where he is going but it sure won’t be boring!