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I am going to defer to GP today for his best bets, he is an NBA gambling Yoda!


Your magic getting the win today Rob has meant they are getting more love from the spreadsheet today as they are -2.5 favourites over the Wizards. That has a lot to do with the fact that the Wizards are not playing very well lately either (1-4 in their last 5 games with a points differential of -5.6). Both teams are on back to back so there are no schedule penalties on this game.

The Nets and Warriors are on back to backs as well but those scehdule penalties are not affecting the result of the prediction in those game.

The Raptors and Heat are on the back end of tougher schedules when they both take the court for their 5th game in 7 nights.

Best looking bets against the opening odds look to be:

Clippers -6.5 (over the Hornets). That line looks low considering that the Clippers are 5-0 in their last 5 with a points differential of +14. The Hornets are on the opposite end on that scale, going 0-5 with a points differential -10.6.

Pistons -10 (over the Nets). The nets lost Jarret Jack last year and are left with Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan manning the point. Reggie Jackson is going to have a field day considering they couldn’t even handle the Magic today who were without their starting point guard today as well.

Raptors -9.5 (over the 76ers). Valanciunas, DeRoszen and Lowry vs Okafor, Stauskas and Ish Smith. Thats worth 10 points at least right?

These are the opening odds so expect that the agencies will alter them before game time but if they don’t the may be 3 you at least want to think about jumping on.

NBA Stats - 10Jan16 Bets