GP: Only the Lakers on a back to back today.

Even though you are unhappy with the Magic of late Rob your boys are favourites on the road at Brooklyn. It does show how bad they have been playing lately that they are only expected to win by 1 however.

On the other end of the scale the Spurs are 5 – 0 in their last 5 with a ridiculous points differential of +21.4 over those games. over that last 10 that points differential is +16.5 on a 9 and 1 record. For the record the spurs are play that well lately that if their opposition was the Warriors right now the spreadsheet would have the Spurs 10 point (+10) favourites.

Rob: You are right GP, I have been upset with the Magic’s form, but watching the Spurs has been a pleasure. Talk to you shortly in the next Taking it to Overtime Podcast.

Vooch is keeping us in it by the way!

Good luck!

NBA Stats - 09Jan16 Bets