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A great day yesterday, with Philly (predictably) letting us down on the win front. A big slate of games today with a couple of little surprises. Utah and Minnesota are the surprises for me given recent form, but Milwaukee and Memphis have been average over the same stretch.

The Celtics are head to head with Brooklyn again, and as we have pointed out before the Celts have the Brooklyn pick in the draft UNPROTECTED! The Nets may be heading for a crash, but at least Evan Turner is shooting for the stars:

GP chimes in:

It was a good day for the spreadsheet yesterday on the total combined points options, going 4 – 1 against the betting agencies. The Mavs off night cost us a perfect night.

Not too many issues today as far as the schedule goes. 4 teams have back to backs (Hornets, Magic, Mavs & 76ers) but nothing worse than that.

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