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I have gone with a Miami/Dallas and Toronto/Charlotte OVER in combined pints, and Lakers/Philly UNDER in combined points.

I don’t feel totally comfortable taking my own team (Magic) so I am trying to give some life to a couple of others. Looking forward to the Heat and Mavs, harder to pick than you think.

GP adds:

It is a night of firsts however as on the the first day in 2016 (US time), we are predicting for the first time this year a win for the 76ers. The betting agencies are not giving them the same love so there might be a good odds for them to win today. The opening lines were further in the Lakers favour, so the agencies may be coming around to our way of thinking though 🙂 

NBA Stats - 02Jan16 Bets

And Finally – A Trade question?

Bill Simmons has been beating the drum to try and get Boogie to Washington. What do you think?