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NBA Podcast – Taking it to Overtime: Suns, Pacers & All Stars

Thank you podcastsport fans and welcome to another installment of the Taking it to Overtime NBA podcast.

GP and I take a deep dive on the Phoenix Suns and the Indiana Pacers. We then look at the All Star votes and the starting five’s including some questions and feedback from some of our regulars.

There may be a special guest next week too, GP will keep us informed!

Taking it to Overtime – Suns, Pacers and Stars

NBA Predictions – Making money back

I swung the bat at the Suns yesterday, time to make my money back. All I am going to do today is take GP’s advice:

Back to backs for both the Rockets and Nuggets today. We are predicting really close games today and a Celtics win over the Cavs too. Those Cavs predictions are going to start to change if they play like they did last time out and prove us wrong again.

My picks to day are for you to look at the combined points and not the winning teams for your bets.

NBA Stats - 16Dec15 Bets

One last thought about the Suns. I was annoyed I didn’t get to see much of Tyson Chandler but it shows a stark contrast between who he is and who Markieff is. Tyson was up clapping almost every bucket and he even said the 7 game stretch has been good to look from the outside and learn the system better. Markieff just pouted. I salute you TC.