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I was messing about tonight kinda drifting between NFL and NBA. In the hours following the Suns win over the Timberwolves I was oddly excited, this Suns team has grown on me (more about this on the Taking it to Overtime podcast in the coming days). The news that the 3 Arizona teams currently playing (as MLB is done for the year), the Suns, Coyotes AND the Cardinals ALL bet their Minnesota rivals this week was really interesting, so I had to check it out..

Subsequently, this Arizona excitement caused me to totally miss the Wizards news of the Bradley Beal injury and I have put a Multi on that includes Washington to cover a +3.5 spread. I did that with the spreadsheet PRIOR to reading GP’s breakdown below. So the lesson here is be careful of falling in love with Arizona and always use the eye test/injury report along with our recommendations…. I am staying away from the Raptors too.

GP notes:

The Schedule might have a say in a few games today. The Grizzlies and jazz are both on their 5th game in 7 nights. The 76ers are on their 4th in 5 nights and the Raptors, Heat and Suns are all backing up from last night.

We got real close to the Thunder/Jazz score yesterday with our prediction being 103-96 and the actual score being 104-98)

We are going against the betting agencies today. We are giving a slight edge to the Raptors today and this is due to the spreadsheet reading the Pacers 1- 4 record in the last 5 games. The one to look out for on our spreadsheet though is the Wizards/Grizzlies game as the spreadsheet is not taking into account the Bradley Beal injury.

NBA Stats - 15Dec15 Bets

Back to the Suns for a second to end today’s post…. Who says no:

In case you can’t see that properly, that is Markieff Morris for Jeff Green straight up. Neither team is affected in the analysis. What do you think?