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With the exception of a few top teams that are dishing out some thrashings, the league has a big glut of pretty good teams. The NBA has worked hard to promote a more level playing field in a star driven league and while we may look down our noses at tanking, maybe it is working to the leagues advantage.

I am tasked with the Suns this week and they are a pretty good team. They negotiated a win against the ‘above .500’ magic without Tyson Chandler and with a disgruntled Markieff Morris in a game where fire met fire in the guard spots. But there are so many teams constructed around a group of star and role players that will give the Suns a difficult run. And that is what it is like for most teams this year.

For today, lets see how these 4 play out, GP adds:

Two of the back to backs on the schedule are cancelling each other out as the Clippers and Bulls are facing each other today. The Hawks are also backing up from last night.

The one to really look out for today is the Knicks as they are on their 5th game in 7 nights in Sacramento. Can the hit and miss Kings take advantage of it though?

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