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NBA Podcast – Taking it to Overtime: Kings, Wizards & Numbers

The next episode of the Taking it to Overtime podcast is HERE!

GP and I take deep dives into our featured teams the Washington Wizards and the Sacramento Kings. We also look at the ones that got away as we see the teams that are defying our Under/Over predictions.
I then allocate GP to put the Pacers under the microscope next week and he challenges me to find out what is going on in Phoenix. We finish up with some results from our gambling predictions for the week just been which is giving GP the chance to beat his chest.

Taking it to Overtime – When we were Kings

NBA Predictions – Lets bet em!

In giving GP the opportunity to follow the Pacers this week I have also given him a gift. His first up game with his adopted team id head to head with Steph Curry and the Warriors. Enjoy that one mate, I am just glad I can skip the Jazz v Kings and watch the Pacers game too!

NBA Stats - 09Dec15 Bets

I think PG is gonna be alright: