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We have been ON this week. GP will give us a stat run down tomorrow night including hitting the scores direct in New Orleans v Houston.

A Couple of expected blowouts but no real surprises tomorrow with the exception of a close prediction for Milwaukee to just pip Portland and the Timberwolves to hang close with the Clippers.

We will be doing a podcast tomorrow night for posting Wednesday (Kiwi time) and late Tuesday (US time) which couldn’t come sooner because I don’t really want to watch another Kings game yet (Although Kings v Thunder was fun watching Adams and Boogie battle it out).

GP adds:

Bet365 barely have any odds up as of right now, maybe that is because our spreadsheet is destroying their odds this week. We are up on all head to head, spread and total options this week with 1 day to go tomorrow. In fact the spreadsheet is that far in front of bet365 on the total combined points option that we could get every game wrong tomorrow and still end the week on top.

Heavy schedules today for a number of teams. The Wizards, Lakers and Suns are all on their 5th game in 7 nights and all backing up from yesterday. All 3 are on the road too. That has to have an effect on a team.

Back to backs for the Pistons and Mavericks as well.

NBA Stats - 08Dec15 Bets

Kings Question: Is this it?

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