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NBA News: Fare thee well Kobe

Obviously the news that Kobe will step back from basketball at the end of this season is a huge talking point for the NBA landscape tomorrow. It will be the end of an era and an end to a remarkable, enigmatic career.

I am so scrambled in my thoughts on Kobe I am going to have to wait till he is gone to really break down and share my thoughts about him and his NBA legacy. It is a shame he had to go out with this iteration of the Purple and Gold, and not at least playing on a playoff caliber team. The Dwight Howard and Steve Nash powerplay killed that off, and that is a shame.

Enjoy your final days please Kobe, you deserve to.

NBA Bets: Some tired legs

Plenty of schedule things going on today. The Hawks, Celtics and LA Clippers are all on their 5th game in 7 nights.

For the Celtics that is making a tough game even tougher as they are on the road in Miami. For the others, well at least they are home but the Clippers sub par start to the season and this busy part of the schedule as them as a predicted loser in this one today (without the schedule factor they would predicted to win).

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