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A few Head to Heads with the Bookies

A couple of results again going head to head with Bet365. We have Minnesota, Orlando and New York as winners against their LA Clippers, Boston and Houston respectively. The Pistons game is called as a close one, can Brooklyn step up?

GP has this to say:

3 teams are on back to backs today (Brooklyn, Toronto  & Lakers) but the biggest surprise is the the size of the predicted win again for the Hornets (21.6 head start to the bucks). As mentioned a few days ago the Hornets have been really good at home (now 7-2 with a differential of +9.0). The other side of the equation is the Bucks 2-6 record on the road which includes a differential of -13.9!!! That record is bottom 5 in the entire league and the other 4 teams below them are the who’s who fo who is stinking it up in the league right now.

NBA Stats - 29Nov15 Bets

And as for yesterday……..

Great day for the podcastsport.com spreadsheet going 7 for 7 on the winning team predictions:

NBA Stats - 29 Nov15 Scores

And what about Luke Walton as coach?