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NBA Bets: Gravy!

With Thanksgiving done, the points starts may well all be under…..

Most of them are! But with a day of rest, I am proud to say the Magic have the nod over the Bucks with just about enough mustard for me to bet on it.

GP Says:

No Schedule issues for anyone with no games played yesterday maybe just some extra inches around the weight after thanks Giving dinner (although Oliver Miller doesn’t play in the league any more).

The prediction that stands out today is the Hornets to beat the Cavs which will no doubt have people scratching their heads. This is why. The Cavs on the road are 4 – 3 with a differential of +4.1, not bad right? but that is not the issue for the Cavs. The Hornets are 7 – 1 at home (that’s good for 4th best in the league). Their points differential at home is +10.8 Which is 3rd best in the league, and that is the issue for the Cavs.

NBA Stats - 27Nov15 Bets

What has Steve been up to?

Offering sound advice, that’s what.