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NBA Bets: Monroe v Drummond

I am keen to see how this Detroit v Milwaukee goes today. This is a League Pass game for me. I am a wee bit hesitant to bet on it even though we have the Pistons as heavy favorites. Can’t wait to see Monroe and Drummond go head to head, will give us some insight to how they went at each other at practice.

GP adds some comments about the spreadsheet as he has fixed up some gremlins:

Managed to recalculate the score prediction to get it working better off the points spread and the total combined points in reverse instead of dictating those which was never going to work that well for points start.

Over the last week I have seen that it was getting every game close. That is because I was working out the score prediction and taking the points spread from that score. Now it works out the points spread then takes the total combined points into account and uses them both to predict the score.

The scores look a lot more realistic now.

Back to back for the Suns and Thunder today and that’s a bad sign for a team playing on the road against San Antonio – Sorry Suns fans.

NBA Stats - 23Nov15 Bets