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NBA Basketball: Beware of the Nets!

Sooo Boston thumped the Nets and still hold their picks for the next 3 years. Can Brooklyn come back? Maybe a stay away although we have the C’s to kick their ass.

The Spurs/Grizz defense denied me a big payday as the spreadsheet picked all of my other games….

NBA Stats - 22Nov15 Bets NBA Stats - 22Nov15 Scores

GP says:

Another day with no one on back to back allowing for the season stats to make the predictions all by themselves. The Strangest result today is how close the Lakers are predicted to get to the Blazers. The reason behind this is the Blazers away record is 2 – 6 and that will not get you much of a buffer against any teams.

Forget STAUSKAS, make that PORZINGIS!!!

After a HUGE 29pts, 15Reb and 7Blk game, we really need to find a nickname. Feel free to send in your thoughts. I like “The Zinger”