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NBA Bets – 18th November 2015

Here are the bets for today, points spreads and all.

It is early in the season, so there are some interesting predictions but if you bet with us last year you will know we ended up with some favourable percentages.

For me, the Suns and Bulls game is interesting, two teams with some real grit and mongrel. And the Blazers who we wrote off pre-season we have to beat the Rockets.

GP has this to say:

The Timberwolves are on their 5th game in 7 nights. Does young mean they can do that easier or does it mean they don’t have the experience to cope with it?

Both the Hornets and Nets are backing up from last night, which team will back up better? Analytics show that back to backs do not have a huge effect but in more cases, it effects a team on the road more than a team at home (sorry nets fans).

The Hawks are also on a back to back against the Kings. Can Boogie, Rondo and Karl get along for 48 minutes and give the Kings a chance to take advantage of it?

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