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I will miss you Jonah. Thank you.

I was truly rocked this afternoon when a lady came into my work and told me the news that Jonah Lomu had died. Sure, like most New Zealanders I knew he had been ill for a long period of time. Like most New Zealanders also, I will never truly know how ill he had actually been most of his life.

I am a true All Blacks fan. I get sick with nerves during big games and have taken months off work to travel during World Cups. The All Blacks are a truly special group. They have some truly inspirational ideals like “better people make better All Blacks” and “leave the Jersey in a better place. Jonah not only did that, but took the Jersey to new heights.

He made kids all over the world want to play rugby. He wanted to be an All Black more than anything, even turning down NFL and Rugby League deals. I wish we honoured him more when he was here.

Watching footage of Jonah off the field tonight was even more impressive. Not just his former team mates talking about him, but watching him talk. And listening to him. I commented to my wife that there is a small, minute percentage of people out there that are truly special. When they speak to you it is like they give you 100% of themselves.

A majority of people in the world are good. A lot of people out there are great. But some are special. Some really listen. Watching all of the people Jonah interacted with, from stars, players and celebs to day to day people, he connected with each and every one of them. I saw him play live, but never met him. He never knew me, but I felt I knew him. And I will miss him. Thanks big man, rest easy.

Oh, and he was great for the All Blacks, aaaaand a few other teams too remember!