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NBA Predictions: Calling all bets!

The NBA prediction spreadsheet is back! After a great winning gambling season last year and a huge effort by GP to get this running again, podcastsport.com proudly presents the gambling spreadsheet.

It will be a different look today as we add to it this early in the season. Rest assured though the points star and total combined points will be there as a visual really soon. For now, the new score predictor will guide you to it, you will just have to work it out yourselves tomorrow. Happy betting!

NBA Stats - 17Nov15

Here is what GP has to say about it:

No one with a tough night schedule wise tomorrow – not even one team on a back to back.

The only surprise would be the fact that the Pelicans are predicted to have a 1 point win over the Nuggets, despite the Pelicans 1-9 record. The Nuggets are paying for big recent losses. 4 of their 5 losses have been by 12 points or more, 2 of those losses have come by 24 points (including their last game against the Suns).

Oh, and what has Steve been up to? Well….