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NBA 2015-16 Season Preview

Hello Podcastsport fans. Welcome to another NBA Season. GP and I will be doing some podcasts, with the Under/Over discussion kicking off next week then a return of the betting line spreadsheet as soon as the season kicks off. There have been a lot of trades and we, along with our mates Waz, Phil, Sala, Col’s and maybe some others will be previewing our own teams and our love for them. Lets do this!

Rob’s Team: Orlando Magic

That’s right, like many that went through school in the 90’s, I am a Magic guy. I had Hornets singlets, Jordan posters, Barkley’s swagger but I had a Magic hat.

How I became a Magic Fan – My old man bought a hat back from Orlando when I was a kid. Shaq was drafted the following year. Enough said.

What do I love about being a Magic supporter? – The team is always willing to take risks, and to swing the bat cash wise if the front office thinks they have a chance. Risk taking like Penny over Webber, Rashard’s contract, Elfrid Payton, the Magic have a go. Sometimes they take flyers on guys unhappy elsewhere which is a tough one because the structure is not like the Spurs etc so it is hard to see a redemption project work out. Like Ben Gordon, Steve Francis, Gilbert Arenas…


Why do I hate being a Magic supporter? There is a list. It took me to breaking point 2 years ago and I sincerely asked the boys if I could have permission to jump ship to another team. We actually discussed the requirements and they said yes as long as I still have a case in 2 years time. But I like Scott Skiles and I like the rebuild so here I am. My most hated things were:

  • T-Mac traded for Steve Francis
  • The fact we had Steve Francis
  • Gilbert Arenas taking our money (still?)
  • The Shaq debacle (Love you big guy)
  • Dwight’s farts

Who was my favourite Magic player? – I loved Grant Hill from a young age, even though I hated Duke. He was my guy as a kid and I was so stoked when we signed him and so gutted with the way that all worked out. I nearly became a Suns guy when he got his second wind in Phoenix.

ON TO THIS YEAR: Magic need a hat, not a Rabbit

What am I happy about for 2016? – MARIO HEZONJA!

I’m buying his stock already. I am going to enjoy this team if nothing else. Payton, ‘Dipo, Hezonjia, Gordon, Vuce…. With Tobias, Frye and Shabazz….. Oh what fun. I think we improve the record but miss the playoffs. We are like a Detroit Lite…. Speaking of which……

If I was GM this offseason I would have done ___________? I really think we should have gone hard after either Greg Monroe, or at a massive stretch gone for DeMarcus Cousins. I really wanted George Karl with this young team, but I do like Skiles. I could see him getting a lot out of Cousins, and even Monroe. Kyle O’Quinn was underrated and we will miss his physicality. We have a long roster of talent but I would love to have seen some of that cleared out for a really good big man. Vooch can’t do it on his own, he needs a bully with him.

– Last year’s record: 25-57 (.305)
– This year’s prediction: 35 – 47 (.427)

Roster changes (New, Remaining, Out):

Nnanna Egwu, Greg Stiemsma, Dewayne Dedmon, Nikola Vucevic, Kyle O’Quinn
Melvin Ejim, Jason Smith, Mario Hezonjia, Channing Frye, Aaron Gordon, Tobias Harris, Andrew Nicholson, Mo Harkless
CJ Watson, Shabazz Napier, Devyn Marble, Victor Oladipo, Elfrid Payton, Evan Fournier, Luke Ridnour, Willie Green, Ben Gordon

We need to go after that big man and set some guys free (Nicholson, maybe Tobias) to go on to other teams. I am happy for Mo Harlkess, I hope he has more opportunity.
All said and done, I can’t wait to see this crazy group play together. We have the cap room to fill in the blanks.

This Magic group is not a playoff team, but it is a must watch. I was a bit upset they were not higher on Zach Lowe’s league pass rankings.