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Brooklyn at Atlanta

Rob: A potentially boring series has all of a sudden flipped. The Hawks are banged up, that much is clear and the Nets are getting production out of Deron. Millsap is the key here, if he is played to a draw the Hawks could lose this. I am picking the Hawks by virtue of coaching only.

Portland at Memphis

Rob: Eastbay.com had some Dame shoes in size 10 but when I clicked ‘add-to-cart’ it came up as NOT IN STOCK. I don’t know what that means but it is not good for the Blazers. I like this Blazers team, but I would like to see the Grizz win and get some rest days in. Th conley thing is terrible, but I still think the Grizz can go further in the playoffs so they are my pick.

While we are here

I love the US. Everyone knows that America has some social challenges, but it is so sad to see the tension and riots that are currently happening. This is not a ‘can’t we just all get along’ bit because there are grievances to be aired out and sometimes the system does need to be fought. I would love to see some tolerance and assistance provided to some of the poorer areas so there can start to be some form of understanding from both sides. Sports should be able to bring people together, but rightly so it is not the most important thing:

We talks sports, we live it sometimes and we definitely love it but we can not ignore the need to peacefully resolve these racial situations. Sports can help this process but it is not the be all and end all. Just ask Kyle Korver: