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Dallas at Houston

Rob: Without GP banging out a spreadsheet, I am a bit lost. Or are these odd playoff matches lost instead. The Raptors/Wizards was meant to be even and was a sweep. The Bucks have come storming back. The Rockets were supposed to put the Mavs away. They should do that today, but this group of Mavericks are a proud bunch so it will not be easy. Rockets with the under

San Antonio at LA Clippers

Rob: Coming into the last game it was easy to write the Clippers off. I still think it is easier for San Antonio to win in LA than the other way around, but this series reeks of 7. The Clippers at least did what I asked and threw the kitchen sink at the Spurs. The Spurs need to respond and give themselves two bites at putting CP3 away for good. Clippers by a nose (reverse jinx alert) unless:

What has Steve been up to?

The big man has been a bit quiet of late. Probably just getting healthy and enjoying a well deserved week off. Where the important stuff is concerned, we know where his loyalties lie:

For the record my money is on Mayweather.