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Cleveland at Boston

Rob: So the Pellies are done. Boston could be today as well along with Dallas and Toronto. I wrote before the last game in this series that I though Boston would lose #3 and possibly win #4. With the swagger the Cavs have going I can’t see it happening now. Celtics push them close but leave the playoffs today (with their heads held high). Note: This post was meant to go up before the Boston – Cavs early game… but hey, picked it right! Celtics GONE

LA Clippers at San Antonio

Rob: The Clippers need to bring their big boy pants into San Antonio and use everything in their arsenal to win this and level the score. It is clear that if Doc was holding anything up his sleeve he needs to just show his hand and give it his all. Coach Pop has the luxury of a system, but the Clippers need to use brute force and steal this one. There is no reason for the Clippers to use their bench because that is a disaster. Play the starters, get it done. The Spurs will need Parker to start giving them more too, let the games begin.

Toronto at Washington

Rob: An up and down season for both teams has seen the Wizards rise to the occasion in what was looking like a coin flip series and on the other side the Raptors have been crumbling away. Lowry has been inconsistant, though head-to-head with Wall is a tough ask. Do or die? Out of the 3 teams on the chopping block I think the Raptors have the best chance and could be worth a bet. Mind you, nothin like watching Playoff Paul Peirce!

Houston at Dallas

Rob: Dallas lost the game it dearly needed in game 3. Monta Ellis has been great for them and he will know that he had an opportunity to write himself into Maverick folk lore. It wasn’t to be. Houston will try to put them away and get some rest. They would also dearly love to stick it to Cubes on his home patch. The Parsons signing was check by Cuban. Checkmate today by Morey.