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Brooklyn at Atlanta

Rob: Is there any chance the Nets will take the advice of the pundits and start feeding the ball to Brook Lopez? This game is in Atlanta, not really a hotbed for great crowds but certainly they are getting some much deserved following. Still. AT THE TIME OF WRITING THE NETS WERE PAYING $5 HEAD TO HEAD!!! A wild swing at that is in play!

But the Hawks will be prepared and waiting.

Portland at Memphis

Rob: Portland is hurting. Portland is worried. Memphis are finding a rythym and you get the feeling that that, plus Portlands health could dictate the series. It also feels like this game could be a decider. I am really 50-50 today, I have taken (another) wild swing on a game today and picked the Blazers in the gambling world but only because of the odds. The Grizz will probably win.

San Antonio at LA Clippers

Rob: The Clippers are scary and have earned the favourite tag at home. I have gone 3 for 3 on the underdogs (I don’t recommend it!!). I am not going to lie. I am a nostalgic guy and I want San Antonio to win this game (mostly because I have teased it with the Blazers as a last ditch round 1 moneymaker) and I want this series to go seven. The Spurs had a 7 game series they almost lost to the Mavs last year and won the title. Anything is possible. Check out Zach Lowe from Grantland with his awesome spurs piece. A great article that sums up how any neutral fan feels about the Spurs. Speaking of a Spurs dynasty, this could be scary: