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Wow, what a day yesterday. The Grizzlies dealt to the Blazers and the Spurs looked very ordinary for most of the game. CP3 and Blake looked as fearsome as they have for about 14 months and the Cavs and Hawks cashed their first cheques. Not really too much in the way of upsets just yet (though the Spurs result was a bit skewed) but can we get one today?

Bulls over Bucks:

Rob: This match-up puts a young, inexperienced team with an injured lottery pick up against a tough, experienced veteran team whose window may be closing. The Bulls Talisman played very well in the first game and I am expecting the Bulls to be too strong at home again today. Juice knows it will be tough (he is looking slim now though):

When I was talking about the Bulls talisman, obviously I meant Derrick Rose. But Joakim Noah is looking pumped up and he also means a lot to the city of Chicago. Don’t count out Pau Gasol’s playoff experience either, but Jo is a true man of the people:

Golden State over New Orleans

I truly think that the Pelicans can steal one or two games off this Warriors team, but not at Oracle. With a 39 – 2 record at home the fans will be pumped and the stands will be heaving. Curry has had a prolonged run of health and with him on the floor with his running mate Klay the Pelicans just can’t collapse the defense and funnel it to Anthony Davis.

The Warriors will be itching to bring a title to their home town, especially since the Raiders are terrible and the A’s, well, they will probably be ok. The place will be going off, even Zach Lowe is excited:

Well, as excited as Zach gets anyway. Warriors win by 8+ and it will be great to see Golden State fans celebrate for real without Justin Tuck having to save them from looking stooo-pid