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NBA results 15 Apr 15

Boston over Toronto

Rob: Wow, the .475 Celtics are in and they are favoured over the Raptors. It is weird, given their winning percentage is less than that of the Suns. But hey, the playoffs are coming and the Celtic are there. Tanking, schmanking.

Indiana over Washington

Rob: So the second game where a stuck in mud playoff lock is the underdog v a lower seed. This Pacers team could be very tricky. Like Boston, they are lower than the Suns and even the Jazz. But PG13 is back and they could lock up a date with the Hawks. Vogel and Brad Stevens take a bow.

LA Clippers over Phoenix

Rob: And now we get to the Suns, who unfortunately find themselves against a playoff team that is still jostling for position. Clippers with a win.