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NBA results 11 Apr 15

Rob’s quick picks

  • Toronto over Orlando – Don’t touch the points start at all….. But maybe:

  • Atlanta over Charlotte – We have to take the Hawks here, but in the wake of the very weird Antic/Sefilosha thing and the fact the Hawks are locked into #1 this may be best avoided as well.
  • Washington over Brooklyn – This is a very close call I must say. I still back the Wizards as they will be fighting for that 4th spot to make the Raptors come to Chocolate City.
  • Cleveland over Boston – The Cavs should roll the Celtics here but not without a fight.
  • Indiana over Detroit – If Paul George gets going, maybe take the over in the points start.
  • Milwaukee over New York – Not one for the ages, but it will be interesting to see how New York approaches what should be a ‘must lose’ game.
  • San Antonio over Houston – The Spurs will want this one. If Kawhi is the best player on the court then they should win. Ditto the other way if it is Harden. We take the Spurs in this one.
  • New Orleans over Phoenix – With OKC hitting the end of year speed hump, Anthony Davis has the opportunity to make the playoffs which makes us happy. The out-of-sorts Suns won’t be denying AD here but I would take the under to be safe.
  • OKC over Sacramento – The Pellies have the tie breaker over OKC, so they need to win every game now. Expect Russ to throw the sink at everything and expect some fun. Maybe Boogie will get frustrated and clock Steven Adams. OKC to win it.
  • Dallas over Denver – The Nuggets will be home in Mile High and Dallas has been average of late. It will take an effort for the Mavs to win it but they should get there. Again, can’t bring myself to lay any serious money on a game involving the Nuggets……
  • Memphis over Utah – First conflict of the day! The spreadsheet has Utah over the Grizzlies on recent form and that is a fun pick for sure. I am happy to lay some $$ on Utah getting +3.5, so even if the Grizz win by 2 or 3 I am still happy! 
  • Minnesota over the LA Lakers – Can’t make me pick the Lakers, I won’t do it.