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NBA Bets – Playoffs are coming. So is Winter (in NZ)

NBA results 9 Apr 15

Boston at Detroit

Rob: Come on Boston! I am riding the green and white bandwagon. They can take the 8th seed and should beat the Pistons. I’m in! The spreadsheet is showing it a close one, but big bad Brad can bring the green machine through.

Toronto at Charlotte

Rob: This is an interestingly low points start for Toronto given how avereage the hornets have been. I think the safe money has to be on Toronto, especially after the Hornets loss to Miami.

Chicago at Orlando

Rob: Obviously the Bulls are favoured here and they have the right mix of guys to put this young Orlando team away. Bulls win.

Washington at Philadelphia

Rob: Another curiously low points start for a team in the playoffs versus a bottom seed. This Washington and Toronto business is getting serious. Hopefully both teams can pull up on the joystick and hit the afterburners after a slow month. The Wizz could be one for an under there.

Atlanta at Brooklyn

Rob: This could help Bostons case, the Hawks may be resting players but they own a pick swap with Brooklyn so they should be trying to give the Nets a smackdown. They will too.

Indiana at New York

Rob: If Boston don’t hang in there I really hope this dogged Indy team can sneak in. They would be a scary 8th seed. They should boss the Knicks (like Reggie used to).

New Orleans at Memphis

Rob: This has Memphis at 55% on the head to heah but not a great points start. Take the advice. Memphis are slugging their way into the playoffs. With OKC struggling the Pellies have a chance. Can they go in for the kill. I say yes.

Cleveland at Milwaukee

Rob: Look for Cleveland to continue to build on their impressive recent record. The Bucks will be moving on to next year.

Houston at San Antonio

Rob: The Rockets are 8 and 2 in the last 10, but the Spurs are 9 and 1 and the CRUSHED the Thunder yesterday. I can see the Rockets playing this one really close though, they will want to stay up in the second spot and avoid this very spurs team in Round 1.

LA Lakers at Denver

Rob: Next (Sorry Lakers but thats what you are thinking too)

Sacramento at Utah

Rob: Isnt it amazing that an eliminated team can have a 10pt start on anyone? Thats what this Utah team can do though. I agree with the win and maybe a cheeky over bet here?

Phoenix at Dallas

Rob: Next up for the Suns is a Mavs team coming off 2 losses. While the Mavs will probably stay put in the 7th seed, they will not want to keep on a losing trend. Look out Suns I say!

Minnesota at Portland

Rob: 19.3 points start. Boom. Done. Minnesota are done.