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NBA Basketball – Some nervous 8th seeds

NBA results 23 Mar 15

San Antonio at Atlanta

Rob: This is a good game to gauge where the East and West are in terms of variance. The Spurs are 8 and 2 in the last 10 but are only .500 on the road and while the Hawks are 30 and 4 at home they have lost a couple of late. I see the Hawks protecting home court here but it will be tight.

Cleveland at Milwaukee

Rob: Cleveland will not have to be at their best to beat a Bucks team that is 2 and 8. Milwaukee will have to play out of their skin to win this one. They are still in the playoff humt but they need this badly. Can’t see the Cavs giving this one away though

Miami at OKC

Rob: Thi Big Kiwi has had a couple of big double doubles along side Enes kanter. We should expect the Thunder to win this on match-ups unless Wade can go super-human. I am calling OKC here, Russ will be the best player on the court and OKC bigs are finding some harmony in the absence of their two best forwards.

New Orleans at LA Clippers

Rob: If OKC has a must win against a gritty Miami, then the Pellies will need to give this everything to beat the potential contender Clips. If AD can dominate they have a chance and they will need every win after being bounced from the 8th seed.

New York at Toronto

Rob: The Knicks alway have a score to settle in Toronto after they were fleeced by Masai in the trade market. Can’t see it happening, they have been terrible.

Detroit at Boston

Rob: Even after a big mid season push and a win last night against the Bulls, the Pistons are done. Boston was looking like they would quietly ride off into the sunset too, but all of a sudden they are in the 8th spot. Stevens will not give up, unlike this Pistons team. Can the Pistons bigs take advantage of an average Boston front court or will the Boston guards bully the game. Boston win here.

Denver at Orlando

Rob: Two of the hardest teams to pick night in, night out. This young Orlando team can gel and beat anyone apart from the top 4 or 5 teams. Denver has been eliminated from the playoffs but are 5 and 5 in the last 10. Gambling stay away alert!

Washington at Sacramento

Rob: Sacramento has had a couple of days off after mauling the Hornets and Washington had a loss in their last one. You would expect the Wizards to pick up the pieces and win this one but it will be a tough matchup for them. The Wizards need to dominate in the back court.

Charlotte at Minnesota

Rob: This is a very winable game for the Timberwolves, if they want it. The Hornets should be hungry and are watching their playoff spot slip away. They are still even in the loss column with Boston, but they can not afford to drop one against the young wolf pack. Have to take Charlotte here but it is not that clear cut.

Dallas at Phoenix

Rob: Rondo has looked a bit more frisky lately and the Mavs will want to see him try to get the better of Bledsoe. Bledsoe is coming off a 34 pt game and Rondo will have to be 2008 Rondo to stop him. I am taking the Mavs but I am not buying their stock.

Philadelphia at LA Lakers

Rob: A bottom of the barrel clash yet again. Yawn.

What has steve been up to?

We all know the big man loves food. He must have been in his element…

I wonder if this has contributed to the double doubles lately!