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NBA results 21 Mar 15

Today’s key games:

  • New York at Philadelphia – so we have been through this before, but a race to the #1 ranked lottery team is in play here
  • Indiana at Cleveland – I have the Cavs here but it will be very interesting to see how the Pacers play this Cavs team given they could meet in the playoffs.
  • Atlanta at OKC & New Orleans at Golden State – The two top teams are playing the two teams fighting it out for the 8th seed in the west. Both OKC and New Orleans need a win badly. Interestingly enough OKC is actually favoured over the Hawks today by our prediction. If one of the these teams can beat a #1 seed then it will help a lot in this playoff race. One unfortunate thing is the news that Kevin Durant is out indefinitely now as reported by ESPN.com

GP picks:

Since the trade deadline the Buck have been a team that shouldn’t make the playoffs. They are 2 – 8 in their last 10 games.There are 6 teams in the East below them in the standings who have a better record over that period than that (including the 76ers). They are in real danger of falling into the battle for a playoff spot. There will certainly be teams wanting their 6th spot so that avoid a playoff first round match up with the Hawks of Cavs. The Nets are one of those teams in that battle, they really need to win this one to pull them closer to the pack. The predictions has them doing that today, its close but the Nets get it.

Indiana at Cleveland

Oh how good this one could be if Paul George was 100%. Unfortunately that isnt the case and they have fallen short in a couple of games lately. They are 2 – 3 in their last 5 and that slip up is all that is needed to make the Cavs big favourites today.

Denver at Miami

These two have identical records over the last 10 and 5 games calculations, so we look to the home and away records for the season. Denver road record – 10 – 24, Miami Home record – 16 – 18. Guess that means ‘We got Miami’

Toronto at Chicago

Both teams are dealing with sub par patches right now. The Raptors is slightly less sub par and that has them as predicted winners today

Atlanta at Oklahoma City

I swear there is not tampering going on here. The spreadsheet is actually predicting an OKC win today. It comes down to the strong OKC home record (24 – 9) being better than the Hawks road record (23 – 11).

Memphis at Dallas

Memphis seem to be one of those teams at the top of the tables that are trying to get lower. They are just 5 – 5 in their last 10 and slipping back towards the teams behind them. The Mavs have picked up a little of late after going through a bad patch themselves. Dallas home court advantage gets them the win today.

Boston at San Antonio

The Celtics have looked good of late are are fully emerged in the battle for the playoffs in the East. They will need to be better than their best to beat the recovering Spurs. The prediction is not giving them much of a chance. The Spurs are sitting at 59.99% to win. Anything close to 60% has proven to be a big advantage,

Charlotte at Sacramento

Sacramento have been horrible and wouldn’t get the predicted win against many teams at the moment. They are 1 – 4 in their last 5 and 2 – 8 in their last 10. Despite being at home those records are too much to get them the favourite tag today. That goes to Charlotte

New Orleans at Golden State

It could be real bad timing for the Pelicans to come up against the best team in the league at home. The Warriors are 31- 2 at home………………….. 31 AND 2. Pelicans are losing.

Washington at LA Clippers

The Wizards seem to be getting on track but I don’t have faith that they can beat a team as good as the Clippers and neither does the prediction spreadsheet.

Best of luck to the @blackcaps

As Black Caps fans, we don’t ask for much but please let us get through this one. By the way NZ cricket, you should not have scheduled a potential Semi against India/South Africa in Auckland. This SA game next week (if we make it) should be in Wellington or Hamilton….