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NBA results 18 Mar 15


GP Picks: 5 decent winning % chances today

Memphis at Detroit

The Pistons are the worst team in the league at the moment. They are currently on a 10 game losing streak and that means the a team as good as the Grizzlies gets a huge percentage winning chance today

San Antonio at New York

The Spurs are now in 6th in the West and half a game behind the Mavericks for 5th. The middle of that Western Conference playoff order is going to be very interesting over the next few weeks. The Knicks are the worst team in the league and happy about that. Pretty easy Spurs win

Orlando at Houston

The Magic are only 2 – 8 in their last 10 games. The only teams with a worse record over that period are the Pistons and the Timberwolves (Yes the Knicks have a better record over the last 10). The Rockets are really good at home (24 – 9) and are 7 – 3 over the last 10 games. That gives the Rockets a massive percentage winning chance in this one.

Milwaukee at New Orleans

The Pelicans are fighting hard for that 8th spot in the West and the fact that they own the tie breaker with the Thunder will mean that once they win today they will go above them. The Bucks have the same disease as all of the other middle foe the playoff pack in the East (The are losing ground on the top runners and letting the rest catch up). We have the Pelicans winning this one.

Charlotte at LA Clippers

The Hornets in the last 4 games have managed just 69 points against the Wizards, lost to the Kings, Beat the Bulls and then managed to score 66 against the Jazz. Unfortunately that has been the story all year for the Hornets. Beat teams they, shouldn’t, lose big to teams they should at least run close and lose to team they should waltz past. This one could go one of 2 extremes. The Hornets get absolutely smoaked or the beat a team the probably shouldn’t. Spreadsheet is predicting the former.

Thanks GP, great job and hopefully Orlando can beat the Rockets? Yeah nah.

Jazz and Hornets – The boys back ‘n’ forth

Col and Phil love their teams, and they also love to speculate. Here is some (unedited for spelling…) emails from yesterday:


The chances of the jazz keeping their core intact are good as long as we start winning, Hayward has an opt out in two years so he can get an increase or leave, he’s the big worry. We probably can keep those rookies for at least five years but after that who knows. I’d be shocked if they didn’t all sign at least 3 year extensions in theist year if their rookie deal. I don’t think the nightlife is relevant I think it’s all about winning. We keep winning (were two maybe 3 years out from playoffs in the west) we start getting more exposure recent trends have shown you don’t need to be in a large market to get endorsements. Think durant, Lillard and Paul George. By the way utah fans love to debate who’s better Paul George or Gordon Hayward(picks 12 and 13 of same draft). Well now Hayward is at the level where that is a real conversation.

No idea about the draft yet, I usually wait until after the tournment somebody always rises up the boards.

Phil it’s jazz vs hornets today, looking for Kemba to have a big one he flat out bullied our young guards last game, he so strong and aggressive.

Phil: Getting rid of Kanter was one of the best things the Jazz could have done. Rudy is a far better player and complement to Favours.

Havent been that big on Exum but if you say hes starting to look good Col Ill take you word. I was getting worried he was going to be a bust. Hate seeing top 10 being busts.

Im not sure if the Hornets are doing good or bad by not playing Noah but I have faith in what they are doing so lets hope its good. Cant afford yet another top 10 pick being average

Yes Col, its in Utah as well. Jazz have been playing well. Jefferson and Wiliams head back home, both Williams isn’t it?

Should be in for a good game. Hornets need to win to stay in 8th

GP: I got the Jazz [Podcastsport.com definately picked the Jazz on GPs sheet]

Col: Phil that was the best shooting performance in the history of the jazz from the 3 point line. Hard for the hornets when that happens.

This jazz sample size since the all star break and Kanter trade is looking pretty good. This sort of defensive performance can’t continue it’s not normal.

Phil: Embarrassing

So commiserations to Phil, he took it pretty well. I would say this Jazz team a definitely fun to watch and that the Hornets have some hard work ahead of them. But hey, these Hornets St Patrick’s day shirts look cool.