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NBA – What happened to the Pacers?!

NBA results 13 Mar 15

Milwaukee at Indiana

GP: The Pacers are the hottest team in the league over the last 10 games. They are 9 – 1 over that period with a points differential of +11.9. That is pretty hard to beat, especially when you are the Bucks and have a 3 – 7 record over the same period. Needless to say that the prediction is going the way of the Pacers today.

Rob: I was on the Pacers from day 1. I thought they would make the playoffs for PG and coach Vogel. David West is a true pro, and they are getting just enough out of everyone to think maybe George could come back for the end of the year. It would heve been nice to see them make a stab at a Point Guard in Free Agency though. Gambling stay away though I don’t trust young teams like the Bucks to lose.

Memphis at Washington

GP: Despite the fact that the Wizards are struggling of late and are only 3 – 7 in their last 10. The are not underdogs by too much today. That is due to their superior record at home to that of the Grizzlies on the road and the fact the the Grizzlies themselves are only 5 – 5 in their last 10.

Rob: The Grizzlies seem to be coasting a bit and waiting for the playoffs before they really ratchet it up. It is difficult to play tough physical basketball all of the time. I think they take it but wait till the post season, they will bopunce back.

Houston at Utah

GP: The Rockets are only very slight favouites in this one despite being so far above the Jazz in the standings.The Jazz are 8 – 2 in the last 10 (only the Pacers are better).

Rob: Our Buddy Col loves this Jazz team, and I even like it myself. Pundits are saying that OKC won the Kanter trade, but the Jazz have been great lately too and are actually getting some stops now. Harden is the X factor in this one though.

Cleveland at San Antonio

GP: As we all know the Cavs have got it together of late and this one should be an interesting battle. The Spurs have quietly won 6 straight with their strong home record (24 – 7) that gives them the predicted win today.

Rob: The Spurs always step up to the mark when playing a vaunted opponent. Pop goes into hyperdrive. We have the Spurs by 3 points and the TAB has them at +1.5 so I am on that.

New York at LA Lakers

GP: Any time the Lakers have a winning percentage chance of 77.42% you know they are playing a team that is struggling. They are only 1 – 4 in their last 5 games too. No one should be surprised to see the percentage that high though, when you take into account the Knicks have lost 5 straight with a points differential of -20 OUCH!!! They have also lost 8 of their last 10 with the points differential of -15.2 over that period. My College team I coach need some warm up games before the season starts, does anyone know Phil Jackson’s mobile number?

Rob: Two of the great cities battling it out at the bottom of the table. This one will be a yawn-fest unless ahhh forget it, I am not watching.

What has Steve been up to?

The big fella is back on the court and has had some solid numbers as he fits back in to a different OKC front court. Another ‘big kiwi’ is in OKC too, his bro, BRO!