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NBA results 11 Mar 15

Orlando at Indiana

The Pacers have been seriously good lately, the are 8 – 2 in their last 10 games and are currently on a 5 game winning streak. Over those 5 games their points differential is +14.0, they are keeping teams to just 82.4 points per game over that period. The Magic’s record can not compete with that record and are giving away a massive winning percentage chance to the Pacers today.

New Orleans at Brooklyn

The Pelicans are making a serious fight of that 8th spot for the West. They are 8 – 2 in the last 10 games and the prediction today is that they will take this one as well. If that happens they will leap frog the Thunder into 8th.

Cleveland at Dallas

Dallas have been hit and miss recently, they are 5 – 5 in their last 10 and are in danger of losing a place to the Spurs in the standings and that might open them up to the Pelicans/Thunder battle. They will not want to continue. Unfortunately they are playing a Cavs team that continue to be on the up and up and are looking like the serious contenders we all thought that could be but didnt look like at the start of the season. The Prediction is going the Cavs way today.

Toronto at San Antonio

The Spurs winning Percentage chance being 66.33%, tell you the story of how some of the strong teams in the East have fallen off the rails. The Raptors are 2 – 8 in the last 10 games and just 1 – 4 in their last 5. The Spurs have also won 5 straight and that helps a lot.

New York at Utah

The Jazz have been that good lately that if they were in the East, they would be in the playoff race. They are 4 – 1 in the last 5 and 7 – 3 in the last 10. That will get you a pretty decent winning percentage advantage over the knicks.

Detroit at LA Lakers

The Pistons have lost 6 straight, the Lakers 5. The only reason the Pistons have the winning percentage advantage in this one is the Lakers horrible 9 – 21 home record.