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NBA Bets – The Wizards and Raptors are sliding

NBA results 10 Mar 15

Washington at Charlotte

Rob: It is a bit of a worry that the Wizards are such heavy underdogs in this one. In saying that, they are 2 – 8 in the last 10. 2 AND 8! Good lord I do not want to give the win to the Hornets but man, the margin is big.

Sacramento at Atlanta

Rob: Even though they have clinched a playoff berth the Hawks have delighted us by not taking their foot off the gas.l A great win the other day v the Cavs, I can not see the Kings troubling them much.

Boston at Miami

Rob: Here are two teams that had a bit of rivalry going both now battling away for every win. Miami should take this, but it would be great to see these teams play with the attitude they had towards each other in the KG days of yesteryear.

Memphis at Chicago

Rob: This is a ‘just’ win on the sheet for the Grizzlies. Realistically with their main guard set out the Bulls are just an inferior version of the Grizzlies. Memphis to win but niether team will take a backwards step.

New Orleans at Orlando

Rob: Congratulations to Orlando for a great win against Boston but I can not see them going three-for. Expect the Pellies to conjure up some Magic of their own.

New York at Denver

Rob: The fact that Denver is getting such a points start tells us more about the Knicks than it does about the Nuggets. The Knicks are terrible, don’t expect them to take a road win at altitude.

Golden State at Phoenix

Rob: TAKE THE POINTS FOR GSW… Thats all I can say

Minnesota at LA Clippers

Rob: The Clippers should win this game here, but I am not sure by how much. All signs point to a hiding, but I think if it is +10 for Sota, take the points.

What has Steve been up to?

It has been a bit disappointing that the Big Kiwi has not been on Twitter during his injury stretch but we are glad to see him back. He had 6pts, 6rebs and 2 blocks in 16 minutes, a good effort. From NewsOK his team mate had this quote – “He’s still getting his timing back,” teammate Anthony Morrow said. “But he did a great job defensively tonight.”

Welcome back Steve.

Interesting read

With all of the coverage going on in the New Zealand media about car accidents and their cause and effect it was great to see an article written from a different angle not just from grieving families or disgruntled motorists. Podcastsport.com employs Volunteer Fire Fighters too and this was a good read and an accurate reflection of the way an accident can effect our lads.

Tom Fraser, take a bow: http://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/67122408/firefighter-drivers-wake-up