NBA – Hopefully a podcast coming soon!

GP and I have been very slack. We will have a podcast coming soon and we will talk injuries and more!

I note that yesterday on PTI Simmons called that the Hawks would beat the Cavs. Cacaaaaaaw!

NBA results 8 Mar 15


GP has rep training this morning and I have NZ Fire Service requirements so this will be very brief. We hope to have normal service resuming soon and we will be on all cylinders for the NBA playoffs.

GP Says: If the Pelicans can beat the Grizzlies they will leapfrog the Thunder into 8th.

If the Pacers beat the Knicks they will pass the Hornets for 7th. If that does happen and the Heat beat the Kings they will make the Hornets drop 2 places to 9th.

Rob says: I am really enjoying the possibility of Indy making a run. The Hawks will get another win after a great hit out against the Cavs and dammit can SOMEONE find me some Lillard shoes please.