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NBA – Some injuries and some white guys

NBA results 3 Mar 15

Toronto at Philadelphia

GP: How bad have the Raptors been lately? Philly very nearly get the predicted win in this one. Toronto are only 50.55% favourites. A 5 game losing streak will do that.

Rob: The Raptors need to get a spark from somewhere. We can only hope these cool social media graphics can fire them up. They FIRE ME UP, come on T.

Golden State vs Brooklyn

GP: You don’t have to look at the stats to know that the prediction is going to go the Warriors way today.

Rob: Indiana has finally overtaken the Nets in the #8 spot in the East. The Nets will not take that lying down, but they will have to be exceptional to beat the Warriors who have gone 3 straight in the win column. Make that 4 straight…

Phoenix at Miami

GP: The Suns have been a bit of a mixed bag lately. They still get the predicted win today however due to Miami’s average record at home (10 – 17).

Rob: The Suns are 3 – 7 from the last 10 and after curiously blowing up their 8th seed team at the trade deadline it is hard to see that momentum shift changing back. Miami are in a battle to stay in the playoffs with Indiana nipping at thier heels. I am not confident the Suns have this so a gambling stay away for me. Gun to my head? Dragic comes up big and Miami win.

LA Clippers at Minnesota

GP: With a 13 – 45 record overall the Timberwolves are not going to get a predicted win out of us very often. Certainly not against one of the top teams in the West. We got the Clippers in this one.

Rob: The Clippers almost average 6 – 4 record in the last 10 games covers over what has been some very impressive basketball in the absence of Blake Griffin Maybe they don’t miss his mid range jumpers, but DeAndre Jordan has been a beast. Clippers win this one, they are only 1 game back from the Blazers too and will want home court.

New Orleans at Dallas

GP: The Pelicans don’t have the best record on the road but they are on a 5 game winning streak. That road record coupled with the home record on the Mavs (17 – 10) see the Mavs as favourites in this one.

Rob: It goes to show you how tough the West is when a team can go on a 5 straight streak and not even gain 1 spot in the standings. The Pellies have fought hard over the past week and a half but ar still trailing to the Thunder. Head to Head this is actually quite close but we have to tip the cap to the Mavs. Unfortunately for fans this game is evened out by the fact Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, Tyson Chandler and Chandler Parsons are all out. Stink


Looking through Instagram at pics of mates overseas can be depressing. Even worse was this one from Bill Simmons. He had a ‘whitest white guy’ pic that ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser won. The depressing part? If you got Waz, Col, Phil, GP and myself all on a train we would be worse….