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NBA Bets – Get in and get out NBA fans…

Today’s predictions are going to be short and sweet. With the Cricket World Cup dominating our collective thoughts yesterday, we decided to fly through the picks really quickly. I must say, WOW what a game between the Thunder and the Blazers. I am still a bit upset that I can not find any Adidas Lillard 1.0 shoes in a size 10, but if I keep getting games like that one yesterday I will be happy enough.

NBA results 1 Mar 15

Today’s picks.

  • Detroit over Washington – After seeing the highlights of the poop Detroit laid against New York yesterday, this is a gambling stay away.
  • Atlanta over Miami – fair call there right?!
  • Toronto over New York
  • Memphis over Minnesota – this result seems pretty clear cut, but the points start is predicted as a close one. Could be fun.
  • Dallas over Brooklyn – The Nets are still so hard to watch.
  • Milwaukee at Utah – Now this game has potential too. We have the Bucks by a nose, but this young Jazz team plays hard and if they are locked in it could be tight.

Cricket – On to Afghanistan

Sorry again to NBA fans, this ICC Cricket World Cup is really getting in the way.

Firstly, to Brendon McCullum and the Black Caps, well done on a great, heartstopping win yesterday against our big brother nation. What a way to win too thank you Mr Williamson.

It was an excellent performance by the New Zealand bowling attack, spearheaded by Trent Boult. I argued Boults case to be in the ODI squad time and again, so it was awesome to see him perform at that level. Both he and Tim Southee feed off each other and pick each other up, great to see.

Don’t overlook the importance of Dan Vettori coming on early and snagging a couple of wickets. It as a great spell by Dan, and a great call by Baz to get him in and change the game plan.

The takeaways for me were a mix of positives and negatives. Our middle order folded when facing the first real world class attack and that is certainly a cause for concern. In that regard though, we are still yet to see a big hundred from Taylor, McCullum or Williamson and you get the feeling that will happen in a big game.

We have also looked a bit nervous when chasing (Top 3 batsmen excepted) and that can cause problems on the big stage. Another positive to that is we have not yet seen that one Black Caps 300 chase down which you can be almost sure to get one of, so hopefully we are saving that too. There is also going to be that one game where Ronchi or Anderson get 80 off 39 balls and that has not happened yet.

All in all, a great result. It may mean we are faced with South Africa (as they have lost to India) in a Semi Final if we get that far, but if Boult and Southee can remove their top 4 you would have to give that game even odds.

For Australia, I am sure they will be disappointed, but they will be very encouraged by Cummins and Starc and what they were able to do to an in form New Zealand batting order playing on home soil. You get the feeling that they will back themselves over anyone on the hard surfaces in Australia and they will not mind playing India in a Semi final one little bit.

Two final notes. Brett Lee’s commentary was excellent, really enjoyed what Binga had to say. Lastly, this tweet sums things up for me: