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NBA bets – A big day!

NBA results 28 Feb 15

Cleveland at Indiana

GP: I have written recently about how good the Cavs have been lately. The Pacers haven’t been so bad themselves. They are 7 – 3 in their last 10 and 2 of those losses came against the Spurs and Thunder. Its not enough to make them favourites but it is enough to make sure the Cavs aren’t “hot favourites”.

Rob: Well, I was wrong about the Warriors coming into Cleveland and grabbing a win. The Cavs are very, very scary now. Col took it to dark places in an email today “After watching this game any team coming up against Cleveland is going to have to shoot the lights out, they have the two best scorers in the East who both can shoot foul shots and are going to get to the line a ton. Sorry for the rant I’m just angry they are so loaded with talent it annoys me and for them to just smack the best team in the league in a play off style pace it makes me scared its going to be another LBJ championship. They will be the 2 seed of that there is no doubt and could get to the finals pretty fresh”. Sums it up a bit. I am OK with Lebron getting more rings I just don’t know if some others deserve it. Cavs win.

Washington at Philadelphia

GP: This broke the spreadsheet. It doesn’t react that well to 2 teams who suck so much right now playing each other. Both teams are on a 5 game losing streak and are only 2 – 8 in their last 10. Slight manual adjustment fixes the issue and quite fairly gives the predicted win to Washington.

Rob: I have to give this to the Wizards just for the Wall only factor. As it stands the Wizards are surviving based on the fact the East sux. Philly also sux.

Orlando at Atlanta

GP: The Hawks could lose every single game remaining and still finish above the Magic. That ain’t going to happen. They have only lost 12 all year. That isn’t going to become 5 today either. Sorry Rob.

Rob: Point taken. Magic lose.

Charlotte at Boston

GP: Boston are .464 at home .600 in the last 5 and .600 in their last 10. The Hornets are .385 on the road, .200 in their last 5 and .400 in their last 10. That’s not good for the Hornets. We going with the Celtics today.

Rob: Celtics! Playing an upbeat, positive game with a team that cares. The Hornets have come out of the All Star break playing hard too but they have been in a tough schedule stretch and have lost a few. I take Charlotte.

New York at Detroit

GP: Detroit win – no explanation, calculation of evidence required.

Rob: We have had the Hornets pick, but after a discussion with Waz, Col, GP and Phil about the Hornets slump Waz had this to say about his Knicks “Also another good loss for the Knicks today to grease the wheels to that number 1 pick”. Enough said. Tank it up NYK.

Golden State at Toronto

GP: The Raptors have been struggling of late (by their standard), They are 5 – 5 across their last 5 games and that is just not going to get it done vs the Warriors. Their strong home record will keep it close but we are still going with Golden State in this one.

Rob: As I said, I was wrong about GS going into Cleveland. But I can’t pick the Raptors here…. I want to, trust me. But no.

Minnesota at Chicago

GP: The Bulls might like the fact that they are getting to play the worst team in the West while they come to grips with the Derrick Rose injury blow. We say they handle the the Timberwolves daycare center and get the win.

Rob: Can the Bulls find that F-U mode? I think so. Will Noah and co do it for their fallen buddy? I think so. Will the Bulls beat the Wolves? I think so. As per ESPN.com, Noah said “”Just really sad,” Noah said. “Angry, sad — he doesn’t deserve it. It’s just really disappointing…” A motivated friend right there.

Brooklyn at Houston

GP: The Rockets are 21 – 8 at home while the Nets are 13 – 17 on the road. That is a lot of an advantage to pick up in the other calculations. Unfortunately for the Nets, the Rockets have a better record in both of those other calculations too. 60% winning chance is a big advantage, but looking the stats, it is fair.

Rob: I really enjoyed the Rockets v Clippers game and I hope for more of the Same between these two. Or at least I will just to see the bearded one shred the Nets. Rockets win.

LA Clippers at Memphis

GP: The Clippers are 14-13 on the road and only 4 – 6 in their last 10. That ain’t going to get it done against the Grizzlies who are an incredible 23 – 5 at home.

Rob: The Grizz dropped the ball a couple of days back but I can not see then losing at home to the Clippers. CP3 will take Mike Conley to the edge but without Blake the Grizz should take this.

Miami at New Orleans

GP: These 2 teams have identical records across the last 5 and 10 games calculations. It is the Pelicans great home record that is making them favouites in this one.

Rob: This would be a great match up if Bosh was healthy. I am excited to see Dragic play in the Heat team but I have Davis winning this for the Pellies. Oh, Wait. Davis, Anderson and Holiday are out….. Miami win.

Utah at Denver

GP: Denver at 1 – 9 in the last 10 games with a points differential of -11.4. Pretty easy to get a predicted win going your way if you are playing them at the moment. Over the same amount of games the Jazz are 5 – 5 with a points differential of +2.5. That’s good enough for a favourite tag in this one.

Rob: The Jazz continue to be a fun team to watch and they are 5 – 5 in the last 10. That is good enough for me to pick them over the Nuggets.

San Antonio at Sacramento

GP: The Spurs need a win, they are falling back towards the Thunder at the bottom of the West playoff picture. If the Thunder catch them, the Suns and Pelicans are not far behind. We have them winning this one but their 1 – 4 record in their last 5 is not helping.

Rob: The Spurs v Blazers was a great watch as a general fan but the lack of cohesion at the Spurs stemming from a Parker slump is difficult to see. TP nees to get back in the saddle if the Spurs are going to dig in. Fortunately playing a team with no real Point Guard may be the jump start he needs. Spurs win.

Milwaukee at LA Lakers

GP: With Derrick Rose injured and the Wizards playing horrible, the Bucks might have visions of a top 4 place. When they beat the Lakers today it will help.

Rob: Yeah the Bucks will take this one, but hopefully it will be a good game… I won’t watch it anyway but still.

Oklahoma City at Portland

GP: Russell Westbrook rolled his ankle of Markiff Morris’ foot going to the rim at the end of yesterday’s game. Keep an eye out for an injury update (nothing at time of writing this). Thanks to a 24 – 6 home record, we have the Blazers as favourites anyway.

Rob: Even with the cricket on I AM F**KEN WATCHING THIS ONE